Visabestimmungen - Arbeiten in Auroville

Am 28. Januar 2018 erreichte uns die nachstehende Information des Auroville Council zu den Möglichkeiten einer Betätigung in Auroville mit verschiedenen Visaarten:

Important information for all people who want to visit Auroville

Before for guests offering workshop, course, therapies, sharing learnings were easy, unfortunately it is now not allowed following the Indian rules & regulations for Foreigners.

Adult Learning Activities

The principles of unending education and constant progress are cornerstones of Auroville.
The richness of the many forms in which this unfolds in Auroville makes it a unique and precious field of potential learning and personal growth. The need to further support this with common guidelines and compliance structures has been acknowledged.
Auroville operates as a microcosm in the larger macrocosm of India that has afforded us the space and protection for this experiment and to which each of us is accountable.
To that end, the Auroville Council and the Working Committee have set up a short-term study group to revisit and investigate current visa regulations, financial contributions and general guidelines.

It is very important that all who host workshops, courses, classes etc. understand the necessary legal requirements as non compliance can have an adverse impact on Auroville as a whole.

The following are some of the legalities surrounding visa issues pertaining to Adult Learning Activities in Auroville:
• Foreign Nationals are welcome to teach classes, workshops, etc. in Auroville, but only on an Auroville recommended entry visa or business visa, and only through a registered Auroville unit, which may include remuneration through the Auroville unit concerned.
• Individual Aurovilians & Newcomers can teach/facilitate classes, courses, workshops, give tours, etc. free of charge, or against payment / contribution / donations but only through a registered Auroville unit / activity.
• Unfortunately, tourist visa holders are not allowed to teach classes, courses, workshops, etc. nor offer therapies, consultations even if no remuneration is involved.
• Tourist visa holders are welcome to visit/stay in Auroville but are not allowed to promote their groups travel / activities in Auroville nor recruit participants during their stay. They are welcome to avail themselves of services, programs and tours in Auroville but only through a registered Auroville unit.

SAVI, der Auroville Volunteer Service, ergänzte dazu:
People that arrive in Auroville on a Tourist Visa are still welcome to visit, participate in classes, workshops and events, people can give a hand in some projects and explore the diversity that Auroville offers. If their stay is longer then a month, people can fill out the "Experience Auroville Form" at the Entry Service if their wish is to find out if Auroville will become their future home.

Bitte beachtet auch folgenden aktuellen Hinweis des Entry Boards:
You may be aware that due to some changes in Indian visa regulation, volunteering in Auroville on a tourist visa is not allowed anymore. If you are coming to Auroville for a few months and intend to volunteer regularly in a unit or  service, we recommend you to apply for a 3 months ‘volunteer visa’. This visa will protect you, and Auroville, in case of an immigration inspection while you are volunteering in one of our services, farms or other places. It is our experience that such check-ups are these days regularly taking place. You can apply for such a 3 months volunteer visa even if you are staying less than 3 months in Auroville.

If you wish to apply for a 3 months volunteer visa, you will need a ‘letter of recommendation’ from the Auroville Foundation. This letter will be sent to your home address via express courier (for which we’ll ask you some remuneration) and you will give it to the Indian Embassy or visa processing service in your country. To obtain this letter of recommendation, please email to the Entry Secretariat: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! indicating when you are coming and until when, and the unit or service you intend to volunteer in. Note that a volunteer cannot receive any kind of remuneration from the unit or service. The process to request for the ‘letter of recommendation’ and having it sent to you can take up to 2 months, so please take this time factor into account.

If you are planning to organise a workshop or seminars during your stay in Auroville, please see with the Indian Embassy to have clarity about which best visa to apply for: a ‘seminar visa’, ‘workshop visa’, etc. (for these we do not provide ‘letter of recommendation’).